A downloadable game for Windows

FPS Terror Acción Info Action shooter. First person horror game where you will have to survive to everything that threatens your life while you try to discover the source behind all of the disasters and stop it. We are still improving the game. Be available Windows 32 and 64 bits

It is a single purchase. Whenever you will be sent actualize the game for free.

We incorporate Cop Multiplayer mode as it is one of the most played type modes in FPS or survival horror games.
War Against Fear (WAF) will soon be available the first part. The second in mid-December of the same year The game is currently in Spanish. Post it in the universal language is in our plans (English)
Nothing will be weighing about 1 GB (part one)

Install instructions

Unzip the "WAF.rar" file

Inside is the code and installer.

Read the license and install.


WAF64.exe 304 MB